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In September last year, Emilie married to her boyfriend Casper. Emilie was perfect in her wedding dress which was designed and made exactly to her. If you are considering having made your own wedding dress, check the following passage.

Why would you have made your wedding dress as opposed to choosing one in a store?

I’ve actually always had a wish that when one day I was going to marry, I would have made my dress from scratch. I’ve never had the need to go into stores and try dresses with my girlfriends, which I imagine is a dream for many women. I’m generally not that good to shop – I become quickly impatient.

Who got you to sew your wedding dress?

Angelika from Couture lounge. Angelika is, besides being incredibly passionate and good at what she does, a real warm human being. Besides designing and sewing my dress, I also spar with her around the choice of shoes, headpiece, makeup and so on. She was a huge help and I can highly recommend her to everyone.

How did the design process?

We spent a lot of time to brainstorm on the type of dress, which I, in retrospect, probably really should have jumped the gun with himself. I did not know what I would have when I came into the Angelika. It ended in that as Angelika had made the base of what was to be my two-piece wedding dress completely finished, so I could feel in my heart that it was not what I wanted anyway. And although Angelika’s stress level went from 0-100 in a minute, so we found out it all together. It was 100% my own “mistakes” when I simply had not labeled well enough for while deciding on the first dress was taken.

You changed the design of your wedding dress along the way – why and what made it compared. Design process?

I did not dress because it came on and that’s what can happen. I blame only myself for it. It is really important to mark what you want before you start. The modified design meant that we were extremely busy the last months leading up to the wedding. But it was the right thing for me. It is so important that you feel comfortable on such a great day.

What was it like not being able to try on her wedding dress in advance, but that it was more an idea that should become reality?

It was thrilling and I think certainly not that it is for everyone. One should know what you want and really depend on the person in charge of the dress. But having said that, it was also exciting and fun.

What was the best thing to sew her wedding dress?

I just knew that it fitted perfectly to my goals. And the idea that no one else has been married for exactly the dress.

What was the most challenging to sew her wedding dress?

I underestimated perfect, how much time the process took. Now it ended also to be a bit special, as I have said changed her mind along the way. So it obviously took extra time. I can not count how many times I was out at Angelika, but it was a lot. So the time I think certainly one should have in mind before you start.

What was it like to try the dress first after it was finished?

Oh, it was absolutely fantastic. A really good feeling. Finally.

How did you feel in the wedding dress on your wedding day?

I felt super beautiful, special and different. Although my dress was classic in the sense that it was a long, white, and had lace, I still think it stood out.

Was the wedding dress as you had hoped?


What is your advice for others who would like to have made their wedding dress?

Consider carefully whether you have the time for it, and if your nerves can handle it. If so, then you will certainly not regret it. If you already have a good idea of ​​how your dress should look like, so take any. and try a lot of wedding dresses before, so you get a better idea of ​​which way you want to go. I regret it a little that I did not do because I think it would have helped me to quickly track me into my style. Also remember that even if a dress can look super great on a model in a magazine, it does not mean that the dress style will look just like you.

Thanks to Emilie to share her experience with us. Share like your own experience to sew your wedding dress or ask us the question you are stuck with – we would love to hear from you!


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