5 Accessories That Your Husband Will Love

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When it comes to accessories for men, there is ONE rule – and it’s THE SIMPLE, THE BETTER. Most men own a beautiful watch, but must additionally where you just take it a thank you ahead and take a step toward being a trendsetter, so there are 5 accessories for men, which gives it extra! Further down in the article you can see which 5 accessories for men, I clearly would recommend! Of course you can switch between the 5 accessories depending on whether you have to have it on a daily basis, at work, for her wedding or other celebrations – but they should be in the man’s “jewelry box” – and they do not, then you have here 5 great ideas for what to give your man a gift that he will love!

But first – Which accessories for men you should preferably avoid?

It is actually very easy if you ask me! Earrings and metal necklaces, there are very few men who can get away away with wearing these accessories – and often end up having to look like you’re trying too hard! I think that James Bond could get lucky away with it, but then the list is not very long. This does not mean that accessories for men to be boring. There is plenty of opportunity to make a statement with a few good and simple accessories. The most important thing is that the accessories you wear matches the rest of your personality.

Whether you are a man reading this little post or you are a woman who need inspiration for a gift for your husband, he will love, so here are the 5 best trendsettende accessories for men that work, not just now but also in the future!

Sleeve holder is the accessorie that will spice up your look and make you stand out! I am so crazy about the idea of ​​sleeve holders that I even want to order a pair for my husband as a gift today! They are available in different patterns, so you can select a pattern to suit one’s own temperament. Do you have a man who dares to use color in his look, so please sleeve holders namely orange, a color which is very popular for the next few years!

Then there is of course the belt! A few fat belts are a must in the male wardrobe, and again obtained the course both in neutral colors, with patterns or even in bright colors, if you have the temperament for it! The main thing is that the belt fits in size. And therefore the shape of the belt important, so it’s going to sit right in front and yet behind it – otherwise this delicious accessorie turn out to be a botched attempt to look cool, and we do not want.

A true gentleman always has a delicious handkerchief on him! I myself have fallen for this one gray bohemian pocket cloth, I probably need to book for my husband! He’s going to be overdysset with small delicious gifts next week! I wish my husband could grow a beard – so I would buy a razor to him, which is the 4th accessorie for men, which is indispensable! It’s a little more expensive investment, but will be as perfect as morning gift for your groom! And they come with the wooden handles and beautiful boxes these days, so it’s the perfect gift for the man!

And finally, these are the perfect accessories to the man’s outfit for your wedding!


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