Small Glimpse Of Every Day Luck

March 13, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

In February, I enjoyed some rare days of sunshine. There were not many, but the few who were appreciated so severe that they almost should be ashamed. Let’s hope maaaaange more of this kind in March (.. thanks.). I have also eaten croissants, soft boiled eggs and drank chocolate milk because they dull weekend mornings and their strong contrast to everyday dispelled morning ensemble brings so much happiness umanerligt.

I also spent time with the people I love most. Talked the ears of each other for ladies brunch and the smile of my beautiful (and enormously agile) girlfriends when they stand there and share their handiness with the world. Every goddamn day there are more than 130,000 people (yes … I have spoken together – explanation follows) that seems my friends are upturn, just by being who they are. I stand straight and is slightly proud of them over here.

I’ve also been really tired of winter. And overcast skies. And rain. And fog. And winds. So I’ve dreamed a lot about sunshine holiday and driver-life. Like anything involving coconuts, flamingo-floats and many drinks. Thanks.

And then mind to build the perfect home also filled part. I have been captivated by an old staircase and its beautiful lines (… not to mention at the perfect shade of gray) and have appreciated the little things like getting flowers from my husband, twice in one month. See that’s the perfect home – that where love holder.

And then I drank a lot of champagne with many friends. Among other things quiz night where so one of the questions was how many followers lady-friends are together. There were also many other issues (such as “What is Drake’s name on instagram?”). We eat pizzas because it sometimes does not need to be more fancy than that. Just you are surrounded by good people. And what kind of people is better than the kind that even takes the dessert with ?! Yes I’m just asking.


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