Spring Nails For You Beauties

March 14, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

Hello girls. Then I therefore was also affected by spring colds and have been a little lethargic in the body throughout the day. I’ve tried to stay home, but when you know me right, you know that it is a rarity. Especially right now where I have not gotten my bed into the apartment. It is just so wonderful when I get it home.

Today, however, I would share my fine new spring nail with you, as my talented sister did the other day. The advantage of having a sister who make shellac, is that my nails are always fine, well-kept and beautiful – oh how I hated those days where one or more nails were broken. Haha, those familiar and doubtless?

The other day, I swapped the red color out with two of her latest colors that I could not choose between – so we ended up having to mix them. I think the result was so fine, do not you think so? They are very spring-a-like and I love to go from dark to light color or vice versa on the nails, as it is extra attention to them.

I can see my sister’s fine work, which also consists of low spray tan on Instagram and on Facebook, You glow. Catch up with you ladies later.


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