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March 16, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

On Monday, I got kick-started my working week with Dorte, where we once again had a meeting with the sweet people in Cape Town in relation to our professional network for bloggers.

It’s definitely very exciting and I have absolutely butterflies in my stomach that we are so far – but at the same time it is a self-employed also really hard to squeeze all the volunteer work into the calendar when you also want to reach to make something that giving money in the box.

On the other hand used Dorte and I behind us the opportunity to eat a little lunch, shop a bit and generally have sparred with each other about some of the campaigns and the challenges we are right now sitting with each.

I think I’ve mentioned it several times before; but when you work as an independent home, then it is at times extremely lonely – and the sparring and social input is valuable!

I jumped in my new dress from Ganni that I actually have been a little doubt. Or say actually I was crazy about it online and also when I jumped in it, but as soon as my husband saw it he exclaimed: “it’s such a little retro” -and it was not quite the look I was looking for.

I brought it up on my Instagram story and asked about whether it was a keeper or not – and it poured in with sweet messages, so my husband was defeated!

And I am really too fond of it – neck, waist ring and not least peplum effect makes it simply so fine – and now it’s quite difficult to catch the color of the images – either can not see the details, or it is too overexposed to to reproduce the color right – but it’s a whole dark blue with a black pattern.

The boots are a huge favorite with me and has been for a few months now. They are not exactly cheap, but they are all worth every penny! The heel is sufficiently wide and not too high, so you can easily use them everyday – and the whistle simply up any outfit and I use them both for dresses and jeans!


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