Sustainable Wedding Plan For 2017

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A wedding is a golden opportunity to show the surroundings, what matters to you. First of all, it is your love for each other, but then there are many who would like to focus on music, a particular color, the story of how you met, or anything else that is you closely.

Sustainability is in many people’s consciousness, we take shorter showers, like to eat locally produced food and book a ride, but when it comes to the wedding, it can be difficult to figure out how all the good initiatives of everyday life can contribute to a more sustainable wedding.

Here are 3 ideas on how I can implement environmentally friendly initiatives in your wedding and some thoughts on how we did for our wedding.

Recycling is good

When things to be produced again, bring a large footprint on the environment, while recycling can be thought of as “free” in the large environmental accounting. Consider how recycling can play a role in your wedding.

Who says that the wedding cake should be served on the same plates as it can be served in a multitude of different recycled plates from local thrift stores?

For our honeymoon I bought instance champagne glass of a different couples instead of buying new ones. The glasses have since been used for many celebrations, and when we do not even need to use them more, we sell them on.

We built furniture of old pallets to sit in the reception, and we served iced coffee in old jam jar.


By hiring instance service and tablecloths will obtain many of the same benefits as there is recycling, but also avoid some of the tasks associated with finding sellers and even getting rid of things again afterwards.

Many landlords of tablecloth and cloth napkins also handles the sink for you, and often laundries much more environmentally friendly compared to the washing machine at home. However, it can end up costing you a little more than what the purchase-and-sale solution does.

Buy organic and locally

When you buy organic, you expose the globe for as few harmful chemicals as possible, and also takes account of animal welfare and nature continues to be as diverse as possible.

With the large purchases to be made up for a wedding, it can be tempting to deviate from one’s ecological habits of the budget is not out of hand, but just with large shopping there’s an opportunity to make a difference on the sustainability front.

Do not have the opportunity to go all in on the ecology, you can choose ecology of the goods where the price difference is less. Milk for coffee, citrus, sugar cane, and most of the ingredients for a homemade wedding cake can be bought organically with very little difference.

Very high organic wine is also very good, like many manufacturers produce good organic beer and soda.


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