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Finding dream dress

There are lots of wedding dresses, but how do you find the right dress that fits your particular body? The dress should sit perfectly and fit in both style and cut. You need to feel good and look good. Whichever size you use, the wedding dress snuggle on the figure. Here is a small and manageable guide to what typically will dress your figure best.

Do you have a pear-shaped figure, a more apple-shaped figure or a body like an hourglass?

Pear Shape

If you have narrow shoulders, a narrow waist and wide hips? So you have a pear-shaped body. With a pear-shaped body must focus on the slender torso and draw attention up toward her shoulders. Corsages without sleeves and straps are good for you as they’re looking up. Choose a wedding dress, sitting in for your narrow waist. Wedding dresses sewn in the shape will give you the hourglass shape and accentuate your waist rather than your hips.

Apple Form

If you have broad shoulders, large breasts, slender legs, not as a distinct waist (a small pot belly), narrow hips and small buttocks? So you have an apple-shaped body. Women with apple shaped body should focus on hips and buttocks, so you should look for a dress that gives your body a harmonious. You can usefully go for a wedding dress that accentuates the narrowest point at the waist. The lower part of the dress to fall soft and easily flowing in the A section.


Do you have a large bust, narrow waist and wide hips? So you have an hourglass figure. You must focus on your narrow waist and go for a skin-tight dress with a ribbon or a belt that emphasizes your beautiful narrow waist. Mermaid Wedding Dresses, which nestle into your curves and ends in an undulating small tow clothes always hourglass figure. Avoid loose-fitting wedding dresses, as it can make you look fat if your waist is not prominent.

Some wedding dresses fit better than others for certain body types. But do not let the “rules” restrict you in your search for the dream dress. A good advice is to try a lot of different dresses and let the experienced clerks at LILLY help you with professional guidance. And even if they take hold of a dress, you can not even imagine right for you, try it anyway. Maybe it’s just the right dress. Stay tuned and get inspired from Vivi Dress South Africa.


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