Why Do You Call It Yellow Gold?

March 19, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

It makes no sense! Especially when there are indeed red gold, which then can not be called “red gold” because it is occupied by the yellow gold. Confused? I can understand that.

A small technical digression, as the lady from Language Board obviously did not know: In the old days, when you were not able to melt the gold at extremely high temperatures, and thus clean it 100% pure (24k) gold, there was often track of other metals in gold – especially copper, why gold actually often had a reddish tone. It makes it also made more sense to call it the “red gold” so!

The term “red gold” was probably disappeared from our vocabulary. Since it happened during these ancient times, described gold as “red gold”. Here goes a young girl, totally lost in love thoughts on her sweetheart over a field and suddenly stumble over something:

And staring and looking,
And trembling raises
With wondering spirit,
For beneath the mold,
With snow-white hand,
Wearing the red gold.

Very poetic and passionately to be said. Also Grundtvig describes Freya’s tears as of “red gold” – not entirely wrong, according to ancient legend, but there is a detail: It was believed that the tears which hit the ground indeed was the gold, while those that hit the sea became amber. She’s been crying a lot, the poor Freja!

Anyway, it’s gentle and romantic rose gold during recent years become quite popular and we do regularly jewelry of it.


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