Say Goodbye to Anna Campbell

March 20, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

It is with tears in my eyes when I say goodbye to one of my favorite designers. Anna Campbell’s stunning wedding dresses have been with me from the beginning. Almost 4 years ago when I opened the business. When I first became acquainted with her unique and feminine wedding dresses, ruled there is no doubt – I had to have them to South Africa. It was for all four years, where I was one of the few in Africa who negotiated her wedding dresses.

Unfortunately, the dresses over time more and more expensive, moving further and further away from what made them interesting for the African brides. The last collection, 2017 are again has become something else entirely. Blond provided and construction/fit of the dresses is very different than earlier, while prices have increased tremendously.

I therefore have been forced to choose from Anna Campbell’s latest collection and although it makes a bit hurt inside, I’m sure that it’s right. This means, unfortunately, that we can no longer replenish previous models. All sample wedding dresses from Anna Campbell will therefore be lowered by up to 50% – see what here.


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