Test Yourself: What Kind Of Bride Are You?

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You’re getting married, and it’s great. The wedding is to be planned, the dress must be purchased, and the menu is composed. How do you deal with them? Take the test, and see what type of bride you are … And get good advice along the way.

Okay, some of the possible answers is perhaps not specific.

Question 1:
Which wedding has laid the foundation for your vision of your wedding?

A. It is a combination of two weddings: Cinderella’s and Mary’s.
B. Actually, I have not really thought about.
C. I saw once a Movie clips with some who were married at the bottom of the sea in the diving equipment nodded their yes. I have also heard of another couple who jumped off a cliff while they screamed yes.
D. My mother and father. It was shown not particularly large or? Fine wedding, but the wedding picture where my mother is pregnant with me, they look so happy out.
Question 2:
How was agreed that I should marry?

A. My future husband was (at my request) on his knees at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and then he surprised me (at my request) with champagne and strawberries. It was very romantic!
B. I can not really remember. Think it was something our banker suggested. Something with a loan.
C. My gospel choir and I woke him up on a Tuesday morning with the song “Going to the Chapel” and he was happily agrees, although he looked a little frightened.
D. It was a Sunday morning, just after we had … yes, and so we looked just each other’s eyes, and then we agreed to marry.
Question 3:
What do you expect to happen on your bachelorette party?

A. Something spa. Something with champagne. Something with massage. In other words: Something where I’m treated like the princess I deep down.
B. I do not know really.
C. Something dangerous. Or it could also be something of directing an entire brass band on the back of a lorry traveling down the A38 or whatever it’s called, on that highway.
D. Something cozy with my best girlfriends.
Question 4:
Who will follow you down the aisle?

A. My father.
B. I have not thought about.
C. Our dog.
D. We go up together.
Question 5:
What should be played when you walk down the aisle?

A. Celine Dion.
B. Is not he the organ player who determines it?
C. Anything that gets people on their feet – so they think, “hey, what was that just happened there,” and then I’ll come into my wetsuit.
D. I need to hear my boyfriend about what he thinks …
Question 6:
Where should the wedding be kept?

A. On a castle or goods.
B. Somewhere where there is room for people.
C. In a cave.
D. In a cozy pub, which is not too far from where we live.
Question 7:
Where does the dress come from?

A. It will be made for me to fit perfectly. You can only be married once a year, so the 50,000 ZAR. I would like to pay.
B. I would think that one of my girlfriends have something white, I can borrow.
C. Dress? I must have frogman suit on.
D. I get my grandmother’s old wedding dress. It is so? In.
Question 8:
Who makes the food?

A. A Michelinkok.
B. It depends on what we need to eat.
C. An African chef we met in Alaska and now lives on Fyn – so it will probably be something with okra, wild salmon and apple? Læsk.
D. My boyfriend has a friend who is a cook who would like to stand for food.
Question 9:
How many come?

A. On my guest list reads 150, but my future husband says we can not afford, so perhaps will only 120.
B. I’m not exactly aware of it so precise.
C. Our friends, family and all those from the parachute, soar? Lysine and diving club.
D. We are about 60, I think.
Question 10:
What do you say in the wedding speech?

A. I do not do  wedding speech.
B. I do not know … maybe … maybe not.
C. No, but I think I’m doing a multimedia show of a species. Something with powerpoint and singing.
D. That I love him. Over everything.
Question 11:
What do you want most in the wedding?

A. I want my service to 24 people – something like Mary and Frederik? Ik, when they married.
B. Uh … A drying rack to the garden.
C. Experiences!
D. That the people come happy and share the day with us.
Question 12:
Where in the honeymoon?

A. I will not say. It did Mary not. Arj, okay: It becomes with white sand beaches and palm trees.
B. Uh … we have not just talked about.
C. I are exploring whether we can? Lie in the balloon across the Limpopo? Loden.
D. We have borrowed a cottage where we can just be us two.
Question 13:
What do you hope your husband mentions in the wedding speech?

A. Something that includes a quote from Lars HUG – or Celine Dion.
B. I do not know if he intends to keep talking.
C. The time we met: We had eaten the same stew from a street kitchen in Nepal, but only really got in touch when we shared toilet roll behind a bush an hour after.
D. That he feels.
Question 14:
How long is that till you’re getting married?

A. One year, two months and three days and one hour approximately.
B. Two weeks, I think it is.
C. I will not say. It’s a surprise wedding.
D. Two months.
Question 15:
Do you cry for your wedding?

A. Yes, and so does my future husband too. As Frederik.
B. How would I know?
C. No, I think I laugh.
D. Maybe.

Mostly As: The controlling fracture
You are doing a live out your fantasy wedding, and like any other bridezillaer play starring all alone. Your girlfriend, family and friends are just extras and props that aims to make your dream a reality.
THE POSITIVE: Your wedding is planned to the last detail.
THE NEGATIVE: It will be expensive and the risk of skuff? Else is great: Reality is never as imagination – even if Celine Dion sings along.
GOOD ADVICE: Remember, you have a girlfriend who is also getting married. And he is also a kind of human being with needs, dreams and desires.

Mostly Bs: The relaxed bride
You take it verily quietly. Probably you have never dreamed of being married, and now you stand in the middle of it and do not know what to do, and you’re doing just nothing.
THE POSITIVE: You inflict no stress.
THE NEGATIVE: Maybe the church closed the day I show up and want to get married, or maybe there is not enough food for the guests. We’ll see, nothing is certain.
GOOD ADVICE: Tighten up a bit. It is after all a day you will remember for the rest of your life, so you might as well do a little out of it.

Mostly Cs: The unconventional bride
It’s hard to say what you are, for you are probably just the opposite of what one expects. It naturally reflected in your wedding, where nothing should be, as usual.
THE POSITIVE: Your guests are in for an experience.
THE NEGATIVE: Maybe you think your guests that they are part of a total theater.
GOOD ADVICE: Think about your old grandmother. Maybe it means something for her you have her antique necklace on as something “old”. And there are probably others who will appreciate that it does not end up in entertainment it all.

MOSTLY Ds: The love bride
You marry by love. Your wedding is a celebration of love, the party is your common project, and the goal is? Fine, festive and romantic.
THE POSITIVE: It will be a wedding full of love.
THE NEGATIVE: There will probably be some guests who are envious. Maybe even someone who gets sick.
GOOD ADVICE: Make sure it drips a little on the clerk: Invite some men to your single girlfriends.


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