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Be aware that the more you are about to plan a bachelor party, the harder it can be to make any decisions, it may be that you disagree on the agenda. It is heard before that planning a bachelor party has gone completely off the track, because the planners simply been vehemently disagree on the way.

If you need to arrange a bachelorette party, you can choose to do it all yourself and then invite the others. It may of course well be a lot of work to plan a bachelor party from A to Z, so if you can gather a small group of people who all know the bride/groom really well, and you can work with, so we will definitely recommend this.

When it is decided who will help planning, then arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

You must consider the following: Who should be with, budget, brainstorm activities, date, send out the invitations, registration and payment, final program and need to make a scrapbook with funny pictures from the day.

Budget for bachelor party

What should it cost? Unless you and the other participants have unlimited financial resources, so it’s a great idea to start by setting a price per participant.

This price may fluctuate plus/minus a few hundred bucks until the final program is established, but the other participants need to know what they have to relate to when they have to answer yes or no to participate. The most common is somewhere between 500 and 1,000 ZAR. For a whole day and evening.

We can not advise you on the amount I need to put you firmly on, but it is important that as many people as possible can afford to participate, so you should not put an excessive price in the event.

And so does it really not so much about serving a 7 course gourmet dinner or whether the food comes from local Thai restaurant.

Proposal for a bachelor party activities

Below you can see a selection of different bachelor party activities. Use these and use your own experience from previous bachelor parties, which have helped. So I probably have made a super program. Alternatively, you can view a large selection of stag party activities on this page .

Physical activities: Sumo Wrestling, supsurf polo, kangaroo boxing, football golf, bumberball, regular golf, bowling, water skiing, kite surfing, go-cart, fencing, shooting range, paintball, military obstacle course, prisoners at the fort, climbing wall, abseiling, zookeeper for a day, American football, dance lessons, stripping lessons, drive in bold car.

Relaxing activities: Cosmetology, stylist, massage, wellness, spa, beer wine – whiskey tasting, glasswork, brunch, outdoor picnic, tips coupon (yeast who have taken the gift), palm reading, cake course, sushi course, casino , record music video, record the song, dinner, poker night with it all.


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