Wow What A Wedding

March 25, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

So I have experienced my first local wedding, and what a different wedding than what I’m used to.

Alia who was to marry has been my chief the last three years she means a lot to me. Therefore, I was also happy when I was invited to her wedding all three days. The first night we were 25 women in her private house and managed to make henna on our hands and arms, and I was greeted some of her local friends that day after we went to lunch with the same women at a beautiful restaurant. So, we had just one day of rest was used to socialize with my good friend who has come all the way from usa. It was also exciting to be around her in Dubai, because when we were riding competitions in Europe and America, she has no bodyguard with but does she have when she travels around the world. So I drove in bulletproof car and had three bodyguard as flush us all the time. It was a special experience.

Thursday night we went to the wedding with 400 women. They were all so beautiful in their large dresses, jewelry and nice make up. Men and women keeps’s not the wedding together in Dubai, so we were only women. However, we were allowed to greet her husband very short. Alia participant not really on the very big night. She came with her husband at 23 and went a round around us, where she then sat down on a sofa and got a picture taken with all of them as wanted. Then she was taken back by her husband at 2 and would then directly set off on her wedding trip in a whole month to learn to know each other.

My dress is from a Designer from Oman named Amal Al Raisi. The dress is handmade and from her SS17 collection. Plus a beautiful abaya that fit the dress that I could take on when I was meeting Alias ​​man. It is the first time I have an abaya on.


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