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March 28, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

Honestly, I think life treats us really well at the moment. Yesterday I ate a giant ice with my son (before the clock struck 12) – with the sun radiating down upon us. That’s when happiness. And last Friday I heard the finest little heartbeat at the midwife. I have nothing to complain about.

But yet I have had written a little first world problems down. And where it is nice that the following is my biggest problem right now:

1. Mascara. Why the last 4:00 to 5:00 mascara I bought, sincerely has not worked for me? I really do not know, but they either sprinkles, makes my lashes quite lumpy or makes me black under his eyes after an hour. Is there a kind soul on the line, which will recommend me the perfect mascara – I’m the one who slipped in Matas asap. Thanks:)

2. Sore pregnancy part. Just reached over nausea-hell, and so begins my old body to tease. Sore back, lower back and pelvis. Yesterday I was in the theater and sat on some pretty hard seats. After the break, I had simply put me down on the floor because it was after all more comfortable. However, still far from nice.

3. A broken dishwasher. And also completely destroyed service that was in the dishwasher when it broke.

4. Stopped the drain. And a plumber who first come on Monday.

5. Indian. The idea of Indian food, still gives me nausea. And I usually love Indian. Really. Imagine if the desire is gone forever? GRU!

6. To those floors I dreamed of, probably not become a reality. Each floor-people I have now been in dialogue with, say namely (as some of you also pointed out to me) that the floors will eventually split when you put it on top of wood that the eternal is in motion.

7. When that feeling that everyone else is doing it 100 times better than an even sneaks. Or that all the others are brilliant, and myself just mad.
For my part, the most buisness that sometimes it can tap. The independent sector is a little ungrateful to the point. For everywhere there are people who find the cool new things.

Regardless, I think it is inevitable that feeling. A wise woman (aka Sisse Find Nielsen , my coach) once taught me to introduce the concept of “brood-time” . It’s very very short that you take time to ponder. For example, once a day. And when the minutes are gone, so down to his musings away and focus on other things. It almost sounds a little too simple, right? But it seems so. And one determines otherwise even of his thoughts – Also something Sisse has taught me and something I find very reassuring in. I am the boss.

8. I can not fit all of my favorite bra. And the idea that it’s probably going to be like the next such about 18 months. Yesterday when just out and invest in some new ones. So many things you can use its money as a woman, it’s crazy.

9. That I have been suspended on air bnb. And not currently have the energy to put myself in how I open my account. But it would be very nice to rent the apartment out for the summer, now we still plan on Mallorca and subsequent home. A little extra money in your pocket, perhaps for new bras?

10. Wax on our poof.

11. That I do not just look like the above picture every day. I do not know about the pregnancy, life as a mother and wife, being independent, or that I will soon turn 29 years old, but I’m tired of tired. And it shows in my face. I feel gray and worn and far from fresh and glowy, as indeed said that was a look as pregnant (it is all a lie). Fortunately, I believe that some sun will do wonders. Fortunately heard that the sun is the next few days. YES.

ENJOY your weekend!


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