Tableware In Nature Spirit

March 29, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

Carina and Adam were married Saturday. 17 March 2017 with a genuine DIY wedding. One of the most striking at their wedding was their simple but very, very beautiful tables at the party. Carina says:

“Our goal was to make it a nice relaxed day for our guests and not least ourselves. We are both trained educators, and is very DIY. Our party bar therefore also influenced by who we are and that we wanted to bring nature inside. We decided to make table setting would be the most conspicuous at the room. We gathered the ivy to the center of the table and acted bridal veil, which was carefully distributed among Efeuen. Besides, we had assembled jar which was placed in clusters of light among Efeuen. The cutlery is assembled with brown twine, a small piece of bridal veil and was carefully layered on top of a white fabric sheet that ran down the table. On the set, we put a menu in the style of the table – and invitations. On the whole, had the whole party, the term ‘natural’ about it. All colors were earthy colors, natural and romantic.”

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