Here Comes The Bridal Veil

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The veil first entered the 17-18 century. At the start of the aristocratic and bourgeois circles as a romantic addition to the gauzy empire dresses. Along with blurred one could then look like the Greek and Roman goddesses that had as ideal.

In the countryside comes the veil in the late 1800s, and there are a number of wedding photos of peasant girls in black dress and white veil. It seems a bit odd out today, but it was most brides all dressed for only 100 years ago.

Today there is virtually no brides who do not wear a white or a cream-colored wedding dress. In addition, most still trailing but hats or flowers are also selected as the main decoration.

Times change, as you know, and old customs forgotten while new ones emerge. Thus also the tradition of something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.

Many believe that the tradition of something colorful is an old African custom, but it is not. It is an English/American tradition, especially the reaching hands of the Africans during 80’og 90s many American film weddings.

The old African tradition going enough that the bride must have something new, old and borrowed, but certainly not something colorful. A African bride should instead have a coin in the shoe, as she comes always to have enough money.

Brides – whether they were African or English – should have something new, old and borrowed on, was because the wedding was considered one of life’s major transitions. And as always it was important to ensure that when you went from one state to another, which the bride did to his attire, which in Africa would consist of something new, old, borrowed and a coin. But that is not something colorful.

The old represented the bride’s life as Miss while the new was a symbol of her new life as a wife. Similarly, should the borrowed ensure happiness in marriage while the coin was intended to guarantee that she and her family always had money and enough food.

And, a African bride wear a different color than white, it’s red, which is the old African bride color. Red, because the red color keeps evil away and it is important in the transition to life as a wedding is.


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