What Is Betrothal

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From June kicks wedding season 2016 in earnest, and both couples and guest will experience some of the many traditions and actions related to the wedding ceremony in the church. Here you get an overview of the ecclesiastical statistics joined rituals.

The wedding is one of life’s great feasts, in the eyes of many, even predominant. And as with all great transitions in life are associated with the many traditions for the day. Some old, some new, but usually always some who still play a role for the wedding couple and their guests.

Sleeping separately
Seeing his future before the wedding means, for example accidents, says an old adage, and therefore part couples through the ages spent the night before the wedding apart. Especially in the latter half of the 1900s it was in sleep separately.

But that’s about to change now that many first married several years after they moved in together and had children. Many modern couples choose therefore to sleep at home with the children and instead enjoy themselves along the whole family in the morning before it goes away with hairdressers, make-up, pick up the bridal bouquet and so on.

It is also closely associated with the wedding feast is in the process of changing. From a number of years almost exclusively to have been an adult party, a big part of today’s weddings namely by again being the family celebrations, such as weddings according to tradition has always been. But of course still big differences.

To be on time
Previously, it was also considered rude to be late for the wedding ceremony in the church. That makes it no more, especially in the romantic village churches or in large urban beautiful cathedrals, where there is often both three and four weddings a summer afternoon.

Here on the other hand is extremely important that the bride arrives on time, so the ceremony can begin. There is in fact rarely very long time for the next wedding trips on stairs.

Previously, it was also common to be betrothed, and it was considered by many as important or even more important than the actual wedding ceremony, as the young couple were allowed to move along and even be able to get true children, so long as they were betrothed.

Betrothal was in fact legally binding. Yes, until 1799 could not be married, unless you were betrothed. And until 1969, the “jilted” party claim damages from the other if an engagement was broken.

Until a few years ago, also called for in the church before a wedding. This means that the pastor from the pulpit told that on a specified day had it and it married.

Today everything away except that some couples still choose to get engaged, but unlike betrothal so is engagement not be legally or financially binding. It is purely an emotional affair.

Wedding Rings
The rings are not part of the African wedding ritual, but most couples choose anyway to get the call. Both because the rings are beautiful, but also because of their round shape symbolizes the eternity of love, all wedding couples well want to achieve.


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