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About Gay Marriage

From that day could gay vies, also in the church where you were given a new, gender-neutral ritual – a ritual in which the words “man” and “woman” are omitted. We have collected some of the most important articles and contributions to the debate for and against marriage of homosexuals in the Church. The debate […]

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It Believes Parties On Homosexual Marriages

Should legislating such that gays married in church? Told the paper asked church rapporteurs. Social Democrats : Yes Yes but it should not be a special rule for the national church. Social Democrats want a neutral “vielseslov for couples” and that anyone who is authorized to conduct a wedding can do so regardless of the […]

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Parish Closes The Marriage Of Divorced

The population just over 10,000 national church members in Christ Church Parish in Cape Town. But if you are divorced and want to marry again, you can forget about being married by any of the three male priests in the parish. With the recent appointment of vicar Per Damgaard Pedersen are all priests at helping […]

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Can Priests Refuse A Wedding?

No priest can be convicted of his conviction if one of the parties has previously been married, parish priest Niels Kobbersmed answers. Does the priest have to decide who they want to devote? Yours sincerely Gitte Sass Reply: Dear Gitte Sass As a rule, priests in the people’s church are obliged to serve its members, […]

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What Does The Bible Say About Love?

According to the Bible, love comes from God, and we can only love each other because he loved us first. The Bible is basically a great tale of a relationship of love, namely the love relationship that exists between God and people. Therefore, several places in the Bible also use the wedding image as an […]

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Love And Forgiveness

Marriage requires the will to bow to each other. All too often we forget to reach our hand. But forgiving even the unforgivable is a prerequisite for new life to occur “Bear with each other and forgive each other, if one has something to blame the other for – as the Lord forgave you, you […]

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An Echo Of Yesterday

If you want to experience ur-Lars Norén, then it’s his marriage drama Demons, one has to seek out. At the time of the mid-1980s, it was shaking and both a cynical portrait of marriage and the beginning of Norén’s never ended the show with the Swedish people’s home that ended in the fact that well-established, […]

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Turn Down For Ambitions

Spouses should spend time together and in the family ahead of time alone. Time shortage has become the greatest threat to modern marriage, says a priest in Christian newspaper today. Immediately it fits the spring’s debate about pressed families with children who lack a better balance between working life and family life. And yet. As […]

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Is There A Religious Clue For Marriage And Family?

Many of life’s important decisions relate to the family and marriage. But do there exist universal family values ​​that cross religion and culture? The religious panel gives an idea of ​​how to guide about marriage and family in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. William Salicath, constitutional parish priest, Haslev Church Marriage has a different meaning in […]

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How To Choose Church Music And Hymns?

The music constitutes a beautiful and festive frame of the ecclesiastical act. Choose your hymns carefully! There may be many reasons when deciding to be devoted to a church. But one of the reasons is especially that it is solemn and festive. The music is an important factor. It’s hard to imagine a true church […]

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