How To Choose Church Music And Hymns?

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The music constitutes a beautiful and festive frame of the ecclesiastical act. Choose your hymns carefully!

There may be many reasons when deciding to be devoted to a church. But one of the reasons is especially that it is solemn and festive. The music is an important factor. It’s hard to imagine a true church wedding without organ music. There are some general guidelines that you take into account for the event to be as beautiful as possible.

It is the organist of the church who chooses the organ music of the premiere, which sounds when the bride enters the church. It is also the organizer who selects the post-liquor accompanying the bridal couple on the way out of the church. But the couple may ask to make the game something specific. As a rule, the wishes of the bridal couple will be met.

The hymns are chosen by the couple together with the priest as a supervisor. In addition to the content, the time of day, season, and maybe some personal relationships are taken into account when the hymns are selected. If the wedding ceremony takes place in a folk church, the hymn book is used. It is generally shortened “DDS.” Other religious communities have their own hymn books.

There are usually three to four hymns for an ecclesiastical wedding. It is beautiful and very appropriate to choose a party saloon, song song or morning song as the first hymn. It may be, for example, the Signed Day with the joy we see (DDS No. 402) or See now the sun rises from the sea’s lap (DDS No. 754). On all the things that God has done (DDS No. 15) are also among the most widely used.

Most couples are married in May/June or August/September, so it may be nearby to choose a summer salmon, for example, gak out my soul with diligence (DDS No. 726) or Now Flower Time Comes (DDS No. 722). Should you be wiped at the end of September, now the forest is now far from land (DDS No. 729) a possible choice. Several of these hymns are well-known and recognized also in other faith communities.

The seven hymns that specifically deal with marriage and marriage are found from No. 700 – 706 in The Hymn Book. The most used is Grundtvigs. It is so nice to be followed by (DDS No. 703). It is usually sung as the last or penultimate of the hymns after the wedding has taken place. Originally Grundtvig wrote the hymn to a friend who celebrated the silver wedding ceremony. But the hymn has become immensely popular and has looked into African wedding tradition.

You were created as a man and woman (DDS No. 706) should be mentioned as the newest wedding venue. It is becoming more and more popular. It has a loud melody that originates from England.


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