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Spouses should spend time together and in the family ahead of time alone.

Time shortage has become the greatest threat to modern marriage, says a priest in Christian newspaper today. Immediately it fits the spring’s debate about pressed families with children who lack a better balance between working life and family life. And yet. As shown by a study by the Rockwool Foundation last week, the Africans have as much free time as 45 years ago.

There must therefore be another factor at stake since the time cabinet does not go up. It is the so-called self-term, a term that has been through since the turn of the millennium.

Modern married couples not only want time for work and family life, but also want time for themselves. So, the “guardians” are shared with the children, and while one is at work at home, the other can cultivate oneself and own interests for example in the training center, on the races or in front of the television with friends and the World Cup . That way, there is not much time to be married couples, and according to the experts it is one of the explanations of the high divorce of the time.

It is easy to look at developments as an expression of individualization. Today’s young married couples have had many years of time for themselves before they get married, and there are not many other life-long committed communities today. It is thus a whole new world that you enter into when getting married and not least getting children. Too many, it seems as a surprise that the relationship and family are to be looked after and cared for with the enthusiasm they celebrate for their careers and the body, the house and the garden.

But there’s no way around if you want each other and your family. Marriage is not only time but also adversity, and if you have not been put in the bank and invested in building a strong relationship, marriage does not hold the pressure that most people come at one time or another. When the children require them when illness hits or loses their work.

At a time when more people are connected to the outside world by mobile phone, computer and internet around the clock and how many feel they need to perform harder to keep their work, it is understandable that there is a need to unplug.

But, as a couple, choosing that relaxation can only be done by preparing for a triathlon, and she is with the girlfriends in the cinema, neglecting each other and ultimately the family.

On the other hand, if you lower the expectations of how much to be achieved and how much “me-time” that is, the chance of becoming a part of the group of 60 percent for whom the marriage is for life increases.


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