Can Priests Refuse A Wedding?

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No priest can be convicted of his conviction if one of the parties has previously been married, parish priest Niels Kobbersmed answers.

Does the priest have to decide who they want to devote?

Yours sincerely
Gitte Sass


Dear Gitte Sass

As a rule, priests in the people’s church are obliged to serve its members, in practice bounded by division into parishes, which is a practical regulation of the extent of the priest’s commitment.

However, in the last revision of the Member Act in 2009, the extent of the commitment was expanded considerably, as members of the People’s Church, in addition to the right to be served in their domicile, also have the right to this service in parishes where they previously lived where they have Close relatives, or where they have a graveyard.

A special provision regarding marriage ceremonies states that no priest against his conviction may be required to commit marriage if either or both parties have been married earlier. Apart from this, there are no exceptions to the obligation to serve the members of the church in the residence or members who, by virtue of a special connection with the parish church, enjoy the same right.

Yours sincerely
Niels Kobbersmed
Parish priest


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