Parish Closes The Marriage Of Divorced

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The population just over 10,000 national church members in Christ Church Parish in Cape Town. But if you are divorced and want to marry again, you can forget about being married by any of the three male priests in the parish. With the recent appointment of vicar Per Damgaard Pedersen are all priests at helping citizens into the second marriage.

Thus divorced National Church members who want to marry in the Christian church have to find one of the neighboring parish priests agree to stand for the ceremony. It all could have ended differently, think the Conservative church spokesman Charlotte Dyremose.

The case is a good example of that freedom clause to protect the minority in a parish should have come into force at the latest priestly recruitment as one of the priests would vie divorced. It’s just not happened because there is a minority in the parish council, but a fullness majority in favor of priests of the theological persuasions. I can only say that want national church members in Christ Church parish not to end up in this situation-tion, they have to seek influence through standing for the parish council, says Charlotte Dyremose and suggests that first opportunity to exercise influence is to parish council elections next year. She also wishes not to remove the national church pastors legitimate right to refuse to marry divorcees.

Freedom clause of the national church work that way, that if there is a minority in a ward with a different theological persuasions than the majority, the bishop may take into account when hiring minister number two or three. The situation in Cape Town, however, has been quite excep-tional.

Bishop Niels Henrik Arendt in Haderslev Diocese, where Christian Church is made otherwise aware that it would be sensible to make the composition of the priests broader theological seen. However, it was a totally agrees parish, which pointed to Per Damgaard Pedersen, and thus were opportunities to get hired a priest with another theology exhausted.

The same situation as in Cape Town found in other parishes in the country where there are employed priests from Home Mission or Lutheran Mission. A statement made by told the paper in 2006 showed that out of more than 2,000 parish priests are 81 who will vie divorced.

Lisbet Christoffersen, professor of law, religion and society at Roskilde University, believes that there will be more priests in the future, which will vie divorced Danes.


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