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From that day could gay vies, also in the church where you were given a new, gender-neutral ritual – a ritual in which the words “man” and “woman” are omitted. We have collected some of the most important articles and contributions to the debate for and against marriage of homosexuals in the Church.

The debate is complicated – too many priests it is not about equality but about theology and tradition. And it is about definitions. Words such as “marriage”, “wedding” and “partnership” may look like each other, but there is a world of difference, many believe.

Learn the story of how the law was changed, and find out what the debate is really about how the national church actors and politicians are in question.

Get among other answer:

What are the arguments for and against?
What are the implications of the new wedding ritual?
How is it to be a Christian and gay?
1. The gender-neutral marriage ritual
Denmark was the first country in the world to allow registered partnership between two people of the same sex.

It happened when parliament adopted the law on registered partnership 26 May 1989. The Act came into force on October 1 of that year, where Eigil and Axel Axgil were married at City Hall the first in the world.

On 15 June 2012 , the partnership between couples of the same and different sex assimilated. Both homosexual and heterosexual could now, for example, married in the Church. Folkekirken now have two wedding rituals . The traditional wedding ritual for couples of different sexes and a new ritual for marriages between two women or two men. In actual wedding ritual, the words “husband” and “real wife” replaced with “spouses”.
The law was adopted 7 June 2012.

There have also been a new blessing rite for same-sex couples. It can be used in the church, if the couple is already married / registered partners at City Hall and want a church blessing.

The debate on marriage ritual is not just about theology but also very much about how much the state should interfere in the national church’s internal affairs. About the division between church and state.

See the new rite for same-sex couples here:

Massoud Fouroozandeh
The first gender-neutral marriage sees the light
New marriage has dropped gender declaration
Pastor Flemming Pless Feeder national church’s new ritual:

1. Disagreement in church
a majority

The existing, gender-neutral marriage ritual was written and adopted by eight of the country’s 10 bishops.

Criticism of the new law involves both the law (the law was made too quickly) and theology (the relationship between man and woman, importance of marriage, etc.).

Read here some arguments for why not all bishops would agree to develop gender-neutral marriage ritual.
New ritual will continue to give debate
The bishops have not closed the debate on marriage of homosexuals with the ritual, delivered …

2. History
Blessing or marriage of gay couple
Bishop Karsten Nissen Church through debate history and concludes that the National Church can not …
Read report on gay marriages
Ecclesiastical Affairs has now published the report on the national church and registered partnerships. Read …
Historic day for the national church: today adopted the gender-neutral marriage
Popular support to remove the difference between man and woman both in marriage and in all …

3. The core, the case for

Many churches are against the marriage of gay couples. But what is behind it no? And vice versa – how can a theologian say yes to gay marriages when it apparently is against the Bible’s words that people are made to live together as man and woman?


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