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Year Malmo Festival is about crayfish and music. Sct. Petri Church is one of the places, the festival has taken. Here you can drop by and be married, if you feel like.

This year, that which describes itself as Scandinavia’s largest party, celebrating its 30th anniversary, namely Malmo Festival, which kicks off on Friday, August 14 until August 21.

Last year the festival attracted more than 1.4 million guests who all went to Malmo to listen to music, walk between the stalls and being a part of this official version of a classic Swedish August party with happy people, shining lights in the trees and not at least delicious crayfish on the plates.

The latter is one of Malmo festival’s big run-pieces. It takes place on the opening night, where several thousands of people sitting and treats crayfish Stortorget, which is centrally located in Malmo.

Press officer for Malmo Festival Johan Fridh says:

“Yes, it is only the first night that we eat crayfish – and you have to remember to bring your own as well crayfish as drinks for this traditional communal, also Danes eagerly participating in. The Danes are also – in addition to Swedes of course – the largest group of guests in the eight days of the festival, enjoy themselves with listening to music and participate in the wealth of activities on offer all age groups – all of which are completely free.”

Some of the activities going on in Sct. Petri Kyrkan, located near Stortorget, and which, incidentally, was built by the Danes, then Scania was Danish. Here there’s art, music and much more.

Most spectacular is the opportunity to get married in Sct. Petri Kyrkan Wednesday, August 19 by a so-called drop-in wedding yet. 13 to 16. The Church provides both wedding cake and photography available.

Pastors by Sct. Petri Kyrkan January Earths and Sara Nässelqvist says:

“We also had drop-in wedding last year, which came all six couples. How many coming year, we obviously do not. But this year we have expanded so that there was also drop-in wedding by Regnbågsfestivalen (HBTQ) in early August.”

Practically going on a drop-in wedding Malmo like this: It ensures that one of the parties are members of the Swedish Church – and that you have a valid marriage license (which shows that the pair meets the requirements to be married) . Then talk with a priest and a musician on entrance music and a hymn – and shortly thereafter goes ceremony started.

After the big yes in front of the altar is the bridal couple photographed, and the toast in soft bubbles. The course is so much like all other marriages, except that it all goes much faster – and that there may be a wait if there is another wedding in time.

“But we are two priests at work, so one can easily have a wedding conversation while the other is engaged in a marriage,” says Jan. Earths.

“Yes, I hope that there will be at least as many as last year and the celebration of love and ja’et going to happen in an equally loving and great atmosphere as there were last year,” adds Sara Nässelqvist to finish.


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