Three Couples At City Hall

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In connection with the leap day, the Copenhagen City Hall today decided to open immediately marriages where tense few here and now can give each other their eternal “yes”

True to tradition, shot the day the only day of the year when women must free their men.

Copenhagen City Hall has to that opened doors to so-called “immediately marriages” today until 18 o’clock Here couples can come in from the street and say “yes” to each other – whether it is the woman or man who has wooed.

According to the press consultant for the City of Copenhagen, Stefan Jessing Lund is straksvielserne an alternative to canonical marriages:

“The ceremonies here at the town hall is solemn, and it had a” yes “to the chosen one would be – whether it’s a church, a town hall or in a field, “he said.

And several of the pairs is day at once ordinary and very special. Here tells three couples why they have chosen to be straksvie at City Hall today:

Hanne Nielsen and Jan Raasthoj

Why have you chosen to let Jer straksvie today?
“It was easy. We have been together for 25 years and living together. We saw the advertisement for the ceremonies on television, and so we took a joint decision that it was time.”

What should I do now?
“We have to go home and have something good to eat.”

Daniel Ehlers and Candy Lee

Why have you chosen today?
“We have chosen because we want Candy can stay in the country. She is from Taiwan and staying here on a holiday voucher and will soon be sent out of the country.”

Who proposed to whom?
“I knelt before her, but Candy has called me several times. She hummed for example wedding march.”

Tina and Jan

The couple has chosen to keep the marriage secret until tonight, therefore figures neither names or photos of the couple.

Why have you chosen to let Jer straksvie today?
“We’ve been together for over 22 years and live together, so it was a bit a joint decision. We have chosen to keep it a secret – not even our children know it.”

What should I do now?
“I (Tina Ed.) To go to work, and Jan to be with her son to the doctor. It’s all very mundane, but in the evening we return to celebrate the wedding! We’re going to dinner at a sushi restaurant with our two youngest children where we tell them about it. ”

How did the wedding ceremony?
“It was very solemnly, and was put focus on togetherness and acceptance of the other.”


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