5 Tips Before Wedding

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What should you as a couple to consider before you decide to get married and when you have agreed to be vie?

Here are five good suggestions:

What should we think before we say yes to each other?

Many couples have already known each other for several years before they decide to get married. Often the couple have children, they live at least together and already know the ups and downs before planning. It is a very good starting point for a marriage!

You do not plan a wedding far in advance, it can be a great relief to take a spontaneous decision or get married if you still invited to the christening.
Just before the ceremony you should rethink what you want from your life together; talk to each other about what you have common dreams for the future and give like priest keywords to a common prayer.

Should we get married in the church or at the town hall?

Perhaps you will marry there, where you come from? Or where your child is baptized? Go to church where you are considering getting married and talk to the priest. Some write itself was automatic in their beloved church and meetings first pastor a week before the wedding, and so it is very late to get a deal in another church, if you can not find a common ground.

On the other hand, I experience often couples who have signed up at City Hall and regret shortly before the wedding ceremony. It can give some trouble planning to find a church with a week’s notice.

Talk to the priest about it and talk to God and to each other; how much will it take for you having a good day? Divorcees and homosexuals should particularly consider whether they feel welcome in the church they have chosen themselves; unfortunately there are still communities where there are frowned upon eg homosexuals.

Be sure that you get a good and solemn setting for your wedding – sometimes cottage to be the best choice for a couple. Even devotes I do not even couples who have never been to church. As a priest, I would like to make sure that they know what they are getting into and are happy to come to church! Even devotes I do not even couples who have never been to church. As a priest, I would like to make sure that they know what they are getting into and are happy to come to church!

And keep in mind that you can also get married on a weekday with just two witnesses. The fact that you choose a church wedding is not automatically equal to the large withdrawals.

What we must remember during the preparations?

Careful planning does not develop into a nightmare! Perhaps dreaming In a small private wedding; if others have good ideas look each other in the eyes and be sure that it will be that you two will; not as fast Oda will and not, as has been presented to it on the wedding trade shows or movies; but I want it together.

One does not, for example sleep separately the day before, and if you really prefer to be followed by the aisle, do it. And most importantly: you can compromise just to please his partner! It is both of you to rejoice the big day.

What role has family and friends in the wedding?

Let like family and friends to help. All would so like to contribute with something, backing up your wedding! Let grandpa choose hymns and a good friend probably an appropriate vehicle, you can run in. A wedding is not just two people who say yes ; it is also to lead two families and circles of friends together. The people you have around you to the wedding, are also the people who in the future will support and help you.

What should we think about a year after the wedding ceremony?

A year after the marriage, it is a good idea to align expectations again. Should we continue to live, we travel around the world? What we will continue with our marriage?

And ask yourselves: Were God only to the wedding? Have we remembered to invite God into our everyday lives together. Or have passed too much hamster wheel in it? It is not always easy to get things to go up between people, but you invite God to lift it and you can see things from above. Go to church occasionally, it shifts the focus from the everyday grind and pointing at something bigger.


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