The Five Biggest Wedding Trends In 2017

May 25, 2017 | By vividress-sa | 0 Comments

Sheath providing edge

A bride has traditionally worn veil, but in recent years we have seen more and more brides choose it from eg replace it with a fine garland. This year, I predict, however, a new alternative to the veil, that mantle. I saw it the first time when BeonycĂ©’s sister Solange Knowles were married in 2014, and I have since spotted it in some of the most innovative bride brands. This year I first saw a Danish break with it. It is great about a cape instead of a veil is that you can put her hair as you want without having to be hooked something – it makes the example easier to have loose hair, which is a trend we already saw last year – while it gives the feel of something “extra” out of the dress. A jacket can also provide a little more edge to one’s bride look – and so is the great thing about a cloak that the can take it on and off as appetites during his wedding day.

Sculptural floral creations

In recent years the wild and “random” ditch look that has characterized the wedding flowers – both on wedding tables and the bridal bouquet. But this year we are going to see a change. It appears still to be wildly but flower creations will be increasingly more sculpted and thus more intentionally compound. A very good example is the beautiful flowers creations from Thilde Maria Kristensen aka Poppykalas where you clearly sense that the composition of flowers are out of the play of chance while they are daring and different.

Personal embroideries

A wedding dress with your favorite bird. A handkerchief with your initials. A veil of children’s drawings. We want things done personal, so it will be meaningful for us to invest in it and have it on. And the answer is ancient and unique: individual embroidery.

Food served in the (ceramic) plates

The biggest trend in food this year is to serve it in beautiful dishes or bowls, as you call it. There are given different reasons for why it is so popular, in particular, going on that it’s easy to eat of that one becomes more aware of the sensual experience and that it looks incredibly good and thus is very Instagram-friendly. That food looks good when you’re at a party, is clearly preferable. And it’s a trend that is easy to combine with pottery trend, which is also not to get around.

Spring into color leave country

The big trend for 2017, I predict, will dare to jump into a mix of wild colors and textures. Just as we in interior begins to move away from the eternal white walls and very minimalist decor into a more bold and colorful interior design, I think the same will happen in wedding celebrations. Things must not be so nice anymore – we would rather let immediacy, authenticity and joy characterize our celebrations and hurray for that! Psst – pink and pink is this year’s hottest color.


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