A DIY Wedding With Lots Of Personality

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Caroline and Asbjorn were married in an old industrial building where Aarhus Valgmenighed holder for today, followed by a standing reception in true lounge style, which was served delicious champagne and homemade biscotti’er to.

The subsequent wedding party was held in Falling Forsamlinghus – a newly renovated hall, which suited the festival style. The location only fell into place one month before the wedding, as their first agreement unfortunately fell through.

“I’m pretty grateful that I am not more perfectionist than I am. Otherwise, one could certainly well be driven right up to have so little time to plan such a big party. But things fell happily into place along the way and I’m really happy with as it was, “says Caroline, when I put her in the event one afternoon to inquire about their wedding.

Caroline stood even to decorate festive tables with eucalyptus purchased Cheap Flower , cloth napkins torn fabric sheets from recycled and retro pharmacy glasses and candlesticks from Caroline’s mother’s store. There was also served homemade schnapps at the party, as Caroline and Asbjorn had made a few days after they became engaged.

“We decided to have an early wedding and already begin celebration of spots early afternoon. This meant that all the ‘formal’ already was over by half past ten o’clock in the evening and that our guests had plenty of energy to party and dance! “And danced, it was there. First was Asbj?rn brother DJ, who fired up the dance floor with delicious electro-swing tones that all generations could dance to, and then took the DJ they had hired over and played more club-like tones that the young sweated for most of the night.

Wedding Noise and recycling

Caroline knew it was important for her to look good on her wedding day, but at the same time she seems also that wedding dresses are generally really expensive. Caroline had fallen in love with an expensive wedding dress in one place, she was out to try wedding dresses. Luck would to Caroline’s sister knew someone who had been married in a dress almost identical to that Caroline was allowed to rent for 1.500 usd. A win-win scenario for both parties – and for the environment!

On the whole, ended up wedding clothes to be an inexpensive item in the wedding budget for Caroline and Asbjorn. Asbjorn beautiful suit in 100% wool found Caroline in a thrift store for 150 usd., And then they got a tailor to sew it, so it was quite sharp.

“We managed to make our wedding quite cheap. We could have chosen a lot of expensive things, but it was a bit of a value for us to keep costs down. Fortunately, things fell into place in a way where we had designed a wedding that was very much us at no cost to the raving “says Caroline.

“First look” shoot

A week before the wedding met Caroline and Asbjorn with their photographer, Christoffer Fryd, who is a good friend to have shot their wedding photos.

“Asbjorn, and I’ve been to some weddings together, as we’ve often talked about what elements we ourselves would like us to our wedding when the time came. One of the things we really wanted was to be with our guests maximum on the wedding day. Therefore suggested Asbjorn that we had taken our wedding photos before the wedding.”

For the actual wedding was Caroline help with hair and makeup, but to shootet she managed it himself. The fine homemade garland she had made of eucalyptus and bridal veil.

Shootet was evocative and personally throughout: “It was all very relaxed. It was so great to have pictures taken, where we usually hang out. Street Coffee on the street outside and Marselisborg forest has of course been a natural part of our lives here in Aarhus, so it just felt nice to get some wedding pictures there.”

Your best tips for wedding planning

“People were super excited for our wedding, which of course is wildly wonderful. I think it was all much about the small details where we had been aware of creating a good party for our guests. For example, there was coffee promotion throughout the party, so that people could take a cup when they needed it. My advice is to pay attention to what they themselves like as a guest when you are a big party, and then assemble try to implement the things in your own party, so everyone gets a good experience “says Caroline.


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