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How To Treat The Bible Sexuality

Where does the idea of ​​monogamy from, and why are there some Christian pastors who believe that it is best to live in celibacy? The New Testament and the Old Testament is not quite agree with the view of sexuality. In the Bible, sexuality an inextricable and blessed part of married life. Many of the […]

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Do You Display A Churchgoer Away From A Wedding?

National Church services and religious ceremonies are in principle public and therefore should be careful to show people away. However, it is a gray area full of exceptions, experts believe Do you show churchgoers away from a wedding in the church if they do not know the bride and groom? The question aroused last week […]

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Alice and Michael’s Silver Wedding

The piano set in a tranquil medley of Mendelssohn’s wedding march. Entering through the church, past the family and friends that exceeds today’s couples. But Alice and Michael should not get married. They celebrate their silver wedding anniversary and launches the celebration with a church service in Bellahoj Church, where the pastor has prepared a […]

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Marriage Still Weighs Heavily In Our Divorce Culture

“Patience is the key word,” said the vicar Michael Brautsch when asked what a good marriage is. The priest from Frederiksberg Palace Chapel was in the fall famous in many African home when he appeared on the screen of the television program “Married at first sight” that challenges our notion of what a good marriage […]

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Wedding As A Sign Of The End Times

“The thick Luther (indulged) after leaving the monastery to his blood lustful impulses and married immediately with a nun.” How can today read about the Reformer’s wedding – a quote from the Belgian-French writer Marguerite Yourcenar , the first female member of the French Academy. The tenacious cliché based on a vicious quirks of his […]

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What Is A Muslim Wedding

When Muslims marry, considered marriage not insoluble. In turn, they make a financial contract that will secure them in the event of divorce. Worldwide confess about 1.6 billion people to Islam. This means that there is great variation within the cultural and social traditions, a wedding is planned and celebrated inside. But a religious marriage […]

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The Catholic Marriage Is A Sacrament

 Catholics consider marriage as an outward sign of an inner grace that God gives spouses. A Catholic marriage is a monogamous lifelong marriage between man and woman. After Catholic believes that the two sexes created in God’s image. They are different, but this difference is complementary – and not hierarchical or value-laden. The Catholic marriage […]

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What The Bible Says About Marrying A Non-Christian?

The Bible says nothing directly about. But that does not mean that it is silent. Dear letterbox Can you give examples from the Bible where it says that Anyone can marry a non-Christian? Sincerely Clara Answer: Dear Clara Thank you for your question. I suppose you ask for marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian? […]

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How To Get In A Successful Church Wedding

“I now ask you … And so I now ask you.” We know all the words before the big yes in the church, but what are you going to prepare before you can ask you at the altar side by side with your special someone? Here are four articles that guide you to a successful […]

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How To Get The Best Wedding

Dress, budget, speech and board level. Planning, Economy and different wants and needs fills when you have to hold the wedding. We have collected five articles that will guide you to a successful and not too pricey wedding Now approaching summer, and it means that many of us are lucky enough to be invited to […]

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