Guide To The Timetable For Your Wedding

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Wedding season is in full swing, but if you have not been to a wedding recently, it can be difficult to know how a wedding actually takes place. Here we provide a guide to how long you reasonably should calculate for each part, so that time does not move on the day.

Marriage (45-60 minutes)

The ceremony is usually the first item on the agenda and it often begins somewhere between the hours. 12:00 to 15:00. There may be practical reasons to have an early wedding, for example if there is much to run for party place after the ceremony. We recommend not putting the wedding ceremony too early so you do day a little shorter for both guests and yourself. So people are sitting is not already and hang around midnight when the party only really need to start. Additionally, the advantage is also that they have eaten lunch before, so one for the reception only need to prepare for afternoon coffee.

After the marriage (30-60 minutes)

After the ceremony, be sure to set aside time that it may take a long time to get all the guests out of the church, as all must greet the bride and groom on the way out. You also get many taken family portraits or the church, which also gives a little extra waiting for the guests before the wedding couple will dispatch riskastning (note that it is not at all the churches, one has it). If you hold the reception at the church, guests can of course move more immediately after the wedding ceremony. But if the reception takes place somewhere else, be sure to indberegne runtime.

Photographing(1-1,5 hours)

It has long been tradition that the bride and groom have a photo session with the photographer after the ceremony. Today there are more and more people choose to be photographed before the wedding and have a so-called “first look” session, where the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding wear. No matter when you do it, is photographing the time of day, where as couples have time together alone. What you should really remember to enjoy – so the images also best! 🙂Set a minimum of one hour and one hour and a half, so you have time to try a little differently. The light can also tease, and it’s a shame if it becomes a stressful experience. But take also talk to your photographer and agree on how long you need it.

Reception (1,5-3 hours)

Many choose to keep the reception after their wedding. But it is different if you invite wide with entertainment or if it is only for those guests who are also invited to the evening. Reception is often where bride and groom actually have the opportunity to talk with their guests for the dinner in the evening there is often so many things that it can be difficult to reach everyone. So if it’s a priority for you, then set as much time off as possible to the front desk.

It can vary, but mostly it is also at the reception that the wedding cake is eaten and is being served afternoon tea to guests, so there should be time enough to eat it. Think also like In providing various activities available, for example, games (both board games and outdoor games) or a play area for children, so there is nothing to do but sit and eat cake. Overall, depends on the reception duration of course of what time the wedding takes place, but we recommend that a minimum is set a few hours of it.

Dinner (5-7 hours)

5-7 hours sounds like a long time – and that’s it. But it’s actually even slightly optimistic set for such some wedding dinners tend to pull out of various reasons. This may be because the food is delayed, the toastmaster not skilled enough to get the feature set quick start after the other or if there are simply so many spots. Some things are obviously out of your hands, but you can make your to plan the best possible pre and for example provide toastmaster some guidelines that relate to and make sure that the chef know if you would like that is not going too long between the dishes being served. Superstition says that the bridal waltz to be danced by midnight otherwise you get an unhappy marriage. Although you may not believe in the kind, it is not a stupid advice to follow, as there is a natural backside for when the dinner to end, and the subsequent (dance) party can begin.


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