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Thea Kappel is co-founder of Nordrobe – a platform for sustainable wardrobe inspiration. Here she shares with Trine Lykke out of stories of wardrobes that works, outfits you feel good in and not least, providing the lots of tools and guides on how to find and maintain your favorite items. Today share Thea tips for the “sustainable bride look” with a special focus on how you think of durable solutions. Sustainability is namely largely about long-term thinking and spend the money on durable things. The longer you have and use your stuff, the less environmental impact. The point is that the wedding dress does not have to be a boring case in organic cotton , but instead is about to look for things you can use and love long after the big day.

I was married almost five years ago. The day was beautiful and it is still clear in the memory as something very, very special. But it is not only the delicious memories and a lovely man, I am left with. At the back of the closet hang my wedding dress namely with a veil and a small bag that I carried on “my big day.” Not only that, in my shoe closet is also a beautiful black box, in which a pair of nude Mary Janes nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper stored – a pair of shoes that I have only used a few times since I threw them after the wedding waltz. And in fact it ‘s just really annoying when there are now put so much thought and money in every single thing. Then I had to do one thing about, then I would have thought a little more alternative in the creation of my bride look and not have at least worked to spend the money and time to find things that could take me far into the marriage.

Below are my 5 tips on how to create a wedding look with things that have the potential to follow you to come and remind you of the perhaps most beautiful day of your life. You must anyway according to tradition to get hold of both something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue, so why not think about alternative?

A dress with history

The dress is perhaps the most important thing in your outfit as the bride and most also the largest expense. Therefore, it is important that the right gut feeling is there and that the dress is sitting in the closet – for the day can and should not like to be made. But the question is whether the dress needed to be new?

The advantages of buying a “used dress” are many – and I mean really “used” in inverted commas, for most dresses have only been on the max. 15 hours. First of all, there are many money saving, about half price, and it releases money for some of the things you can use afterwards. In addition, a used dress a story that a new not. Whether we are talking vintage dresses found in special stores, leading the kind or whether you buy through Trendsales, so you get a dress that carries on happy memories. A kind of good karma dress, then, is what you get on top of the deal. Whether you choose a used dress or not, you must not miss out on dress tests in the right dress shops – maybe it’s there, just your dress hangs. And then stream can instead be her selling her dress on afterwards.

Jewelry with personality

Jewelry offers the opportunity to create a unique, personal look that makes you less breakage and more you. Again there are several options to think of alternatives. Ask your mother, grandmother or a good friend if they have any jewelry that might be appropriate for you to wear on the day. Maybe in a special heirloom in the family, which has been worn by others or maybe your girlfriend a pair of beautiful earrings or bracelet that fits you perfectly. Personally, I borrowed my wedding day a cameo ring that my sweet friend had inherited from his Italian grandmother.

But vintage jewelry is not for everyone and maybe you’re looking for a modern piece of jewelry that can make your look more trendy and cool and a little less break like. Here’s my tip for example, to invest in a few cool earrings or other jewelry that you can wear to parties (and everyday) future. Maybe you have a couple a piece of jewelry, you have been sent longing eyes on? The chance that you will use it afterwards is great and you will thus have the memories with you in the future.

Shoes you will love for life

The shoes are perhaps the most overlooked and yet most understated by your outfit, as many shoes do not see the light of day during the often long dress. Nevertheless, I strike a blow to think differently about the bride shoes and the jewels go for something that you want to use afterward. Maybe it’s a classic scale from Louboutin – maybe it’s a couple of rocking sandals with rivets from Balenciaga. No matter what, then it just so perfect sense to buy a pair of shoes, maybe even your party shoes, to the exact day and then slide them up after the wedding. Are you not the type to get used stilettos after the actual wedding, consider buying a nice pair of ballet shoes for the dance floor at night and use them for everyday afterwards.

The veil, bag and garter that you are not going to use again

The waters are divided when it comes to the veil, but one thing is for sure – look you before you get a hand-stitched a brand new veil to several thousand crowns. Perhaps the veil be your “borrowed” the day? So do not do it so much that for example, you only have it in the church. The same with the little bag, which many prefer to carry around for mobile phone and other things. Ask the girls what they have in their hiding – surprising many have a fine and wedding suitable clutch lying. Last but not least, ask your married friends , what they did with the garter – most probably one in the attic.

Bouquet with care

The bouquet is the last item on my agenda and here you can actually benefit from taking alternative. Not because the flowers last forever, but why not choose a bouquet that becomes beautiful when it dries? Roses are a good example.

Are you not the type to bother having dried flowers standing, but would instead like to think more about sustainability, so choose flowers that fill the well and thus has required fewer resources to produce. A simple and beautiful bouquet consisting entirely of bridal veil is an example of flowers that has required very little, fills the well and which leaves more money for the things you will enjoy the long term.


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