Three Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

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Inspired by the many good and inexpensive things you can find in Sisters Branches , here are three DIY ideas for your wedding. They are easy to make and the result is great.

That I bought into the three DIY wedding ideas sisters Branches were:

Prinsesseben in silver (30 pcs. goals 0.8 x 1.5 cm)
White paper bags (5 pcs. Of goals 10.5 x 7 cm)
Paperclip brass (big and small sizes. Per. Bag with about 30 pcs. Each)

An industrial low-inspired menu

For this DIY we used a piece of sturdy recycled paper with plenty of structure in itself and a finer piece of white paper to put on top and two prinsesseben in silver to assemble them.

The strong paper we cut out in the objectives 8 x 17 cm and the white paper 7 x 16 cm. That way you can see the edge of the thick paper all around when you put them on top of each other. The process is super easy – set two dots with a pencil where you would like the princess legs to sit and plug them slowly through both pieces of paper at the same time and bend the legs to the side back. Voila!

A good tip is to have written on the menu first before you stick princess legs through. In the example here is written by hand in pencil, but you can also easily print text on paper.

Confetti instead of rice

In many churches today should not throw rice at the bride and groom, who traditionally have done it. An alternative may be to make small bags of homemade confetti. For this purpose we used four strips of tissue paper in different colors, which we cut into smaller strips (remember not to cut all the way on the vertical joints so you can for faster cutting small pieces of the horizontal joints).

The small paper bags from the Sisters Branches just need a small blob of glue, so they can be closed but is still easy to open for the guests. We drew a small heart on the closure, but an extra nice touch would be to have written the names and dates on paper bags, for example, with a custom-made stamp.

Thank you cards with brass paper clips

When the wedding day is over and you have recovered a little, there is a good tradition for the bride and groom sends a thank you to the guests with a small greeting. Camilla Swartz, founder of a couple., Making its even thank you cards by having printed a portrait image as Polaroid through Printic app , and then put it together with a piece of brown recycled paper by means of brass paper clip.


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