Great Outdoor Wedding

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In early May 2014 was Mikaela and Nicolaj engaged on a holiday in Madrid, so they had plenty of time to plan their fine wedding, held d. August 1, 2015 just outside Aarhus. Mikaela and Nicolaj knew from the start that they would rather be able to afford to get all their friends rather than keep a sumptuous fine celebration. Why they chose to do as much as possible even with good help from their network.

Where did you held your wedding?

“We did happen to a beautiful place just outside of Aarhus, called Gl. Harlev Mill . We were married in the garden, and held the reception following in one room and later party in the other. It worked really well and it was great to be able to give it such a personal touch. But the downside had obviously been if it had rained, we had no plan B. A good tip is to first put it all up on the day, because otherwise falls the dew on it.”

What mattered most to you at the wedding itself?

“It meant the most to us to see all our and others’ hard work go up to a higher level. And the feeling of good friends and family were there for us. It was big and moving! ”

Where did you take your portraits?

“In Harlev is very beautiful nature, so we went over to the other side of the road, where a newly planted forest so fine flourished. It was beautiful, wild and rustic, so it was in keeping with the whole wedding.”


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