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Fine Bitten Meilandt from Horsens makes the finest artwork and handmade ceramics based on really cool and humorous universe with the girl Ida as the center. Bitten has made three beautiful wedding artwork that you absolutely exclusive to a couple. can download and customize for your own wedding. For a guide on how to make the bottom of the blog post. But first, we have taken a chat with The bit about how it is to plan her own wedding.

How was your experience of planning a wedding?

“I remember the time with wedding planning really fun. It was the perfect excuse to spend hours on Pinterest to find inspiration and spend much money on decorations. But I also remember how thrilling hunt for the right dress was, and I actually ended up buying two dresses. One was an evening dress that I bought back from London, and the other an old vintage case, which I repaired and made for.”

What meant the most to you in the planning phase?

“In planning our wedding, it was incredibly important for me to know what our budget was. When I knew it, I better get all the pieces to fall into place. And lists – long lists of what we have to remember to buy into what our kitchen helpers to do so. It made it easier for me to relax that day because I knew who was in control of everything.”

How was your wedding invitations?

“Our wedding invitations were probably a little different. We sent them actually not as regular mail, but as an attachment in an e-mail. In the invitation we had made a nice front page with pictures of us, which in turn held various letters that together spelled ‘We’re getting married’. It offers enough most sense if you see it, but the result was really fine! ”

Guide to download

You can download the three illustrated wedding invitations exclusively and for free here. You can use any text editor to insert text on the images. Bitten recommend that you use fonts American Typewriter or Courier New, and that you print them in size A5 or smaller on paper that is 180 grams or thicker.

Get your very own wedding illustration

You can also get Bitten to draw your very own wedding illustration based on your wishes. In addition, you also get the design for example sangark to the wedding and place cards.


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