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On top of her wedding day is one completely filled to the brim with impressions and it can be hard to find totally prepared for what happened when. So it can be really nice to see revisit key moments on video. We have spoken with Lelo, one of the founders Custom Weddings , why it’s great to get filmed her wedding (and not leave it to Uncle Benny), and what to be aware of when you hire a videographer. And then there is really also a delicious discount code 10% of you who want to book Custom Weddings for your wedding.

Why did you start in the Custom Weddings?

Before we founded Custom Weddings, we had been to a dozen different weddings where photographers and camera men were hired to perpetuate the memory, but they seemed incredibly unprofessional. We are talking about the lens directly into the face of the bride and groom, sneakers and t-shirt, as well as the classic fail – wires and high camera sounds. It all seemed so unprofessional, which had a clear negative impact on the bridal couple through the entire day. The result we saw then was not good either. It reminded most of all of those home videos, many probably have on VHS in the cellar. It seems we do not actually Danish couples were served with, so we decided to make Custom Weddings we offer making wedding videos based on quality, creativity and professionalism.

Why should you have made a wedding video?

Wedding Videos provide an opportunity to preserve memories and relive the many situations, the mood and the atmosphere that made the day special for both the bride and groom and guests. Stills also captures a lot of beautiful moments, but they give no real opportunity to relive the great speeches, jokes and loving moments. A wedding video is something the bride and groom can revisit the 5, 10 or 20 years and still experience the same emotions as on their wedding day.

What to be aware of when choosing a videographer?

There are now a part still image photographers who also offer diving. But taking still photographs and wedding video is not at all the same, so be careful not to assume that you are skilled at both. When choosing the right videographer for your wedding, it is important to review the portfolio first. Think about what you want as an end product: What genre it should be, for example?

Then I also feel comfortable with it, I hire for filming. It is important that you are confident about the quality of videografens work and that it matches your expectations. We always give the opportunity to have a free and informal meeting at our office in Copenhagen, so the couple can get inspiration and opportunity to see if ‘we fit together’. Here we tailor while package deals, so they match the individual bridal couples want.

Pricing is also a good signal about whether to buy a pig in a poke. Is the price suspiciously low, then there is probably a reason for it. My probably most important advice for the many seeking couples: When the day is over, you will regret not being able to experience it again and again.


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