A Good Conversation

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28-year-old Frederik Svinth is idemageren behind conversation game Talk, which helps people to start good conversations. He graduated chaos pilot and with his wife Helene at 10 years. For him, the nerve of a couple moments of presence. Hear him share her experiences with having good conversations and why it is important.

What is Talk about?
Talk is a game that puts the good conversation on the agenda. It’s really just an ordinary deck cards, but sometimes there comes a playing card, which has a very specific topic of conversation in coming. So take the time to turn the subject – it could be eg “Parents” or “Values”. It determines the course yourself how much you want to say and when you’re finished telling, continue the game.

What is a good conversation?
A good conversation can appear in many ways, but I think it is wildly important that we in our relationships and relationships generally lets us get where we are a little awkward together. It is only when we step out into unknown territory that we find new ways to grow together. And yes, it can be a little awkward to play Talk first time, but it’s more than ok if you ask me.

What do you see as one of the greatest challenges in your relationship?
Accepting how much I have to choose time in the relationship. I often have many irons in the fire, and when I get home will be the last gunpowder used to be with the kids and when they are in bed and the house is ready for the next day’s hardships, I am even cardboard,. Therefore, we as couples be wildly conscious of having time together which is good time together, and frankly not always raising expectations up to it MUST be a wild date before it’s good, but also accept and enjoy it as it now even. This does not mean that there is no need to make an effort – that I try to remind myself.

Have you spent Talk in your own relationship?
We have taken it up a few times through the years and it has been pretty good actually. Not because we can not talk, and much of it came out, we have talked about before, but it is the right to talk for 2-3 hours does not happen quite as naturally after 10 years together. So it’s nice to have a tool that sets a good framework for it. For all intimate relationships need presence – it is just the word – and for me, the conversation one of the chief ways I can be present with the people I care about, and let all the disturbances lie a little while.

What can other couples get the hang of using Talk?
I think all couples regularly need to talk about how each of them go and have it, and with time to actually be able to think about the answers. It gives Talk a good opportunity. And I am therefore also very big fan of that we as a couple together looking at where we want to go and assess whether we are the right place now. Both are in my eyes one of the most important if we want to stay together, as we create the ability to change direction, so we are not stuck in anything we did not want for ourselves.


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