Some Of The Best Wedding Photographers

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We would argue that one of the most important things you can invest in for her wedding, is a photographer. We hear again and again that people were really happy that they chose a talented wedding photographer and gave a good amount of money for it. It is so annoying to a halt after her wedding and lacking good pictures.

How to book a good photographer?

Use of course some time to research and find the photographers whose style you like best. Look at the type of images photographer has previously taken and assess whether it is something like I want. Though of course you can talk through to some things, so will the photographer’s style always shine through in the pictures. Contact photographer and tell where in the country you should marry and when. Furthermore, it is also hugely important to write some words about who you are as a couple, and which wedding I will keep. It gives the photographer basis to assess whether he or she can deliver a product, I will be happy.

What does it cost?

Photographers often operate with different packages. Often there is some price indications on their website, but often tailor to a package. Do therefore up to yourself how much of the day, I would like to have documented, and get as an offer on it. Price levels vary widely, and is often about how much experience the person has and how popular they are. In our experience, you can expect to pay around 7000 kr. For portraits and wedding, which is the smallest package, most photographers. It varies in turn how many images you get afterwards, which may be a negotiating point. But perhaps you should consider whether it is better to save a bit of food for example, and shoot a little more money in the photographer, because it is after all the images you are left with afterwards.

Our “best wedding photographers” list

Amanda Thomsen
Amanda is not the typical wedding photographer. Her style is documentary, different and almost poetic. Amanda has a special eye for capturing moments of intimacy, joy and closeness. With her as a photographer is not the classic wedding pictures – but it seems we just have a quality about her. She is one of the slightly more expensive ladies, but she can certainly afford to be. She is such a one must not contact too late, she will actually be quickly booked. Amanda is based in Copenhagen, but is not afraid to take wherever it needs to be in the world.

Camilla Jorvad
With attention to the very small and fine detail is Camilla Jorvad a dream photographer to have her wedding. You can feel her enthusiasm to celebrate love through her delicate images. For her authenticity, Aesthetics, cooperation and meaningful keywords in her approach to photography. She takes wedding photos in Denmark and around the world. Her prices start at 25,000 kr. For a wedding, so she’s a bit pricey, but the quality and the pictures all day makes it worth it.

Carolina Segre
Carolina Segre has taken the Danish wedding scene by storm. She always manages to capture natural, funny and important moments during the day while she is adept portrait shots without becoming stiff and weird. Caroline has several packages, some of which also include an engagement session. Carolina is based in Copenhagen.


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