Guide To The Difficult Guest List

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One of the most important to one’s wedding is of course the guests. It is they who provide the day content and meaning, and with them that you are celebrating your love – this, of course, both family and friends. But to find out exactly who is going with, might be a little difficult exercise. So here’s our guide to the difficult guest list.

Who invites you?

When you need to find out who is traveling to her wedding, one might be surprised at how difficult it can be. The reason is probably that there are feelings involved and maybe even expectations of others if they are invited.

Previously, it was often the bridal couple parents who financially accounted for the wedding, and it was therefore also those who had the last to say in relation to the guest list. But today it is more common to the bridal couple pays for the wedding and therefore of course also decide who should be at the wedding. Regardless of who pays, it’s always a good idea to ask your parents for advice in relation to the guest list, then there will be no (annoying) surprises once you have sent out the invitations.

What matters most to you?

The best you might do when you have to agree on a guest list, are together to discuss the parameters that matter most to you as a couple. Here are a few suggestions that can be brought up for discussion and even expand with more:

We invite only those with which we imagine still to see in 10 years
We invite all of which want to
Family matters most
Friends matters most
We will have a number of guests from each side
When it comes to groups of friends, we invite the whole group with
We invite children
We invite all partners (girlfriends, spouses)
We can only afford to x number of guests
The parameters can hopefully also help, that early in the planning puts the best setting for your wedding. The number of guests is for some of the most determines how your party is. If, for example only invite 20 to 40 guests can easily rent space at a nice restaurant, but if you want to have a lot of, you probably need to find a large banqueting room.

How do you handle most of your guest list?

There are various online tools to manage their guest list. But it can be as easy just to create an Excel sheets in Word or Google Drive. The advantage of Google Drive is that the document can be shared with others, and you can both sit with the document open and edit simultaneously.

When making its guest list, make yourself aware of the “types” of guests you want to invite. There may be several categories. For example, you might want to invite more with a reception after the ceremony than is invited to dinner later. There may be good to have different categories of guests in its document, eg “reception guests”, “dinner guests” and perhaps “overnight guests” if there is opportunity. In addition, you must of course find a way to clarify whether guests reported back in terms of whether they come with.


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