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Mette Frich Mathiesen lives in London with his girlfriend, and has recently started a super cool concept called No White Walls. The project is, as its name indicates, to get Africans to give and ask for more art. They work with eight of the most exciting and renowned galleries, which together provide access to over 120 artists and their works.

We put Mette competition when she was in South Africa for the wedding fair in the Forum, because we were curious about this new concept.

Why have you started No Whitewalls?

I have a place in life right now, where my girlfriend and I go to about three weddings a year and each time you get a wish list stabbed in the hand, the first on the list are three steak knives, a double duvet or other practical things. I understand, of course, good that you want, but as a guest might like to give a more delicious gift that will have sentimental meaning for the bride and groom. Not least because it is the people you care about.

But what will you do? It is limited how many bowls, candlesticks or other handicrafts that can be in a home, and it’s not wildly personally come up with a Kubus candlestick every time you go to the wedding. Art can just exactly what gifts can not. But I just have often experienced that people do not dare to give art in the gift, because you are worried about hitting next bridal couple flavor. That is precisely why I have made No Whitewalls where it is possible for the receiver yourself to go out and find exactly the feat that makes them happy. And so is the benefit of art that it is a good gift for both the bride and groom.

Why it’s cool to give art in the gift?

I experience myself and can look at other people that many love to give cool gifts – especially gifts that have meaning. And I think art can, because in many ways it is timeless and keeps the rest of your life. It is also one game nice memento of a special day for them – their wedding day. My mother was such a beautiful art painting on her birthday and it is not unusual that someone comments on it, and every time she says: “The painting I got from my mother to my 50th birthday party.” On the way, my grandmother’s gift not only a gift, but a beautiful life memorial for a good party, anniversary and their relationship.

Art can of course be more expensive than many other things, but if you are more that go together, you can quickly get scraped enough together.

How do you?

At No Whitewalls we have tried to make it as easy as possible, both for the bridal couple and the joyful giving. The first step is the either the bride and groom writes art from on the wanted list or entity simply decide to give a gift here. Next, it is the grantor is free to decide the gift amount on our site, and within five days of receiving entity a fine gift box with our catalog and a guide to how the receiver does – then there is for something to get on the gift table. All dealer must do is write a personal message in the card. After the party may bridal explore all our affiliated galleries , and fall in love with a work of art.

How have people accepted No Whitewalls so far?

It is very overwhelming, the positive response we have received – especially here on the wedding fair in Forum. Many have not considered art as a desire, and those who have stood chatting with a dilemma on how it should happen in practice, so they avoided getting something they did not like. And of course just that, as No Whitewalls help. Overall, I think art is a luxury all want, because it contributes personality to one’s home.

What does art mean to you?

Art to me is many things – a good mix of effection and collector value. What hanging on my walls means a lot to me, because I think it says a lot about me as a person. But I’m only in recent years started to allow myself to really fall in love with art because SU past have stretched to it. So quietly I change the posters out at home with expensive art. But I’m no art expert, so I dare only to fall in love with art by recognized galleries specifically to ensure collector value. It needs I have tried to take in No Whitewalls and make a virtue of that we only work with the most renowned galleries. So all in all, I hope that it can provide more opportunity for getting art on the walls, because I think even it brings great joy.


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