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Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably something of what lies at most at future brides list. It just means so much that you find the wedding dress that emphasizes your personality best, makes you feel as beautiful as possible, which is also comfortable to wear. But when one starts when you have never looked at wedding dresses before?

Here’s our guide to how to best tackle to find the perfect wedding dress.

Start with research

A good place to find wedding dresses are on Pinterest and Instagram. On Pinterest you get inspiration from all over the world, which can be really fat, but also a little frustrating because you quickly discover that it is not possible to find many of the dresses in South Africa. Instagram contrast, is more grateful, because you can search hashtags. For example, there are 12,879 entries in #weddingdress time of writing.

If you start to dig a little, you can quickly find various wedding dress shops that are present on Instagram. Of our favorites include @mariafekih , @celinachristensen and @brudesalonenkennedys. Unfortunately, there are so many wedding dress shops in South Africa, which has a delicious visual appearance on the social media, but if you can ignore it, you can easily get a feel for their dresses by following them on social media.

Once you have found some fragments dress shops that you like, check out their collections. Often, the images of the models they hold. However, it is not always the picture quality is very good, make a Google search on the designer and the collection, if you want a better look.

Prepare for wedding test

Once you have made your research, and outlined what stores you would like to try wedding gowns in, call and book an appointment. Often the stores right booked some weeks ahead, so it is to book as soon as you can get to. So we can not just walk into a wedding dress store and try the dresses. But it does mean that you get a personal sales assistant, which can help one to find the right dresses to try.

For the most part will be put 1.5 hours of a test. At the time, one can average time to try some 6-8 dresses, depending on how well it goes. If you get in a dress that you like, you stand in it for much longer, and it’s clear that you can not reach to try quite as many dresses.

Often dress tests begin with a talk about what kind of wedding you shall keep, and what kind of wedding dress you imagine to end up in. This talk is really important because it helps sales assistant track into your style and coherence between your look and the wedding festivities. Therefore, be prepared to put into words what you like and your day – it may indeed be quite difficult. For what does it really mean when you say that you are for a simple wedding dress? Does it mean, for example, that no lace or beads should be on it, or does it mean rather that it must have a soft fall rather than crinoline?

During wedding dress test

There are many different ways to try wedding dresses. But many have probably an idea that they want some of. Most wedding dress shops recommend that you have one or two people with him, but not a whole bunch. The reason is that it can be overwhelming with too many positions, and in the end it is you who must feel after the wedding dress to be your.

Once you have decided who is going with you, so pay attention if they can come up with for most tests. It’s nice that there are other than yourself, who have seen all the dresses you have tried and may help to assess and compare. Additionally, it is a good idea to get one to take pictures of you in the dresses you try. It is really nice to be able to go home and see through and remember how different dresses sat on one.

Try not to book too many wedding dress tests the same day. If there are two wedding dress shops, located near each other, it seems obvious to try to get into both places on the same day. But if you are inside three places on the same day, it quickly becomes too much, and it’s a pity if you miss a good dress, because it was too overwhelming.

It can be an advantage to have done a little legwork before, and know little about the designers they hold and which models you would like to try. But it is also a good idea to be open to trying other styles. Sales assistants are often very good at finding dresses that you maybe had not even taken off the shelf, but to surprise positively.

You do not feel it right away

It is not everyone who experiences a “It is this!” Moment when they stand in the dress. For many it is only something that happens behind when they come home and browsing through the pictures, and when you’ve been around and explore the topic. And it is quite okay. Just be aware that you most need to order your wedding dress at least four months before you’re getting married, as most dresses are made to order.

Some places give the 10% discount if you buy the dress the same day that you try it, but it can be a really tough decision, and the purchase may very rarely canceled. If however you have done good research, and know that you will not find anything better, so it is an ideal way to save some money.

If you are in doubt, talk to wedding dress shop it is possible to come and try the dress again. If not, it underlines how important it is to have pictures taken when trying dresses.

Do you have other advice for future brides wedding dress hunting, share it in a comment below.
Good luck!


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