Wedding Suggestions For South African Ladies

Wedding And Engagement Rings For Men And Women

Wedding And Engagement Rings For Men And Women

Should you have both engagement and wedding rings? There are many who choose to spend their engagement rings as their wedding rings. Others choose cheaper engagement rings and buying expensive wedding rings when they get married. Some woman only have an engagement ring, usually with diamonds or gemstones, while others buy plain wedding rings for […]

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Ten Trends for Wedding Invitations in 2017

Wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will have in the hand and is helping to create the first pleasure and anticipation to your wedding. Therefore, it is no wonder that many couples want to make something out of it. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, well, here’s a list […]

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Personal Advice For Brides Before Wedding

The season for weddings is beginning to get started. Wedding improve releases and makeup/styling and photo bookings are underway. It is always exciting and rewarding to help to make the bride even more beautiful and give her a good experience for her big day. There must be a difference between weekdays and holidays, but there […]

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Entertainment for Wedding

My very best friend is getting married. They have declined bachelor party for various reasons, but I am sure they would be happy for some entertainment to the wedding itself. Have no ideas / experiences with something funny / sweet / romantic entertainment / feature from friends. All ideas are received with open arms. I […]

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These bad habits make you look older than you are

We can not run from that we just get older! And that’s life, you will be older and so will your skin and body. It’s just what some people in their 60s, similar to some of 40 years, while others in their 30s, similar to some who are much older. And then there are those […]

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Make a cocktail bar for your wedding

It’s just tastier getting a proper cocktail in hand than a lukewarm, home-mixed spaces’ n coke. Here you can read about Anna and Benjamin ginbar for their wedding and be inspired to serve delicious cocktails for your own wedding. Last September my husband and I went to the wedding of our good friends, Anna and […]

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Indian-inspired jewelry for your wedding

When the wedding dress is in place, it’s accessories such as shoes and jewelry that help to complete one’s bride look. There are no rules for what to “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to accessories, but it is clear that the choice of wedding dress is important for what accessories that make sense to […]

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Wedding Speech From Father

Well, that day has come, and your little daughter has finally got married. You might think that all the attention will be on her, but in fact at some point in the evening, you have to give this famous father of the bride speech. You can be aware and do not like speaking in public, […]

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Memories about my wedding

Today I have given a little mini interview about our wedding, and it sent me straight back to the fantastic late summer day in September, where C and I said YES to each other in front of our family. In fact it was not that mattered to me. C and I had said yes to […]

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What will you do for the bride and groom

A nice gift for the bride and groom that extend far into the future. Here the couple have the opportunity to win a number of wonderful services in the future if they dare gamble. Procedure The idea is to be awarded a number of bets with the wedding couple. A guest stands up and says, […]

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