Wedding Suggestions For South African Ladies

Magnificent Nature Of Handicapped Friendly

Magnificent Nature Of Handicapped Friendly

“South Africa has plenty of magnificent and raw nature! It forgets we just sometimes, “says the wedding photographer Camilla. This summer, she has given herself a challenge: to leave the five most raw and magnificent natural sites in South Africa will be the setting for various inspiration shoots. The idea is to create images completely […]

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We Must Dare To Take The Lead

Six months ago I started a couple and I have been really happy and proud every single day ever since. As some may know, I started my wedding blog, because I missed Danish inspiration for weddings when I was getting married in 2014. There were many good international wedding blogs, but the style, traditions, etc. […]

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An App That Can Make A Difference In The Relationship

Whether a relationship is in its infancy and has many years behind, so the same conditions: there must be time and effort in order for it to be good. That we are a couple. would help to focus on, and therefore we would like to tell about the newly launched app YouTwo which has just […]

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DIY Stamp For Wedding Invitations

One of the major trends in the wedding world is currently DIY. Part of the reason for that is that you can personalize the elements included in your wedding. DIY trend is often in a slightly romantic direction, but it can also be used in a more minimalist style. And we can very well enjoy. […]

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A Moody And Unpretentious Wedding

What was the greatest moment of your wedding? The ceremony was undoubtedly the greatest moment. It was the start of our fantastic day and the rest of our lives together. But it was also a great moment because I felt that the whole church was trembling with love, both of our love for each other, […]

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Blow On Traditions

We have very long been envious of the French women’s choice of wedding dress. Not least because of the designer Laure de Sagazan, which since 2011 has designed have designed wedding dresses in their own name. Her wedding dresses consists of less-hugging silhouettes that takes clear inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s. There are lots […]

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First Collection From Maria Fekih

We’ve been excited to see the results of Maria Fekihs new and first collection of wedding dresses since we saw the first collection samples back in March. Now it is finally here and our expectations have been met to the fullest! Maria has created a wonderful collection where the Scandinavian design heritage burning bright through […]

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We Go To Each Other’s Dreams

What does it mean to be in a relationship? Why is it sometimes so difficult? How do you become good together? These are questions that can press on with everyone. Each relationship is unique, but in a couple. also believes that we can learn a lot from each other if we are curious about each […]

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Nelli And Sean On The West Coast

I call it my darling. The west coast is to my heart because it is the place in South Africa – perhaps in the whole world – that inspires me the most. The place breathes (literally) new life and air in my dreams. I get new ideas and renewed energy. Elongated beaches, white sand dunes […]

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Wedding Rooms in Jutland

There are many beautiful and different places to hold her wedding in Denmark. But it can be really hard to find them, unless you have heard about it from someone else. It is like Bride and Groom quite limited in its search because the smaller places rarely shows up in a search on Google. Therefore, […]

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